Dignitaries visit a stall at last year’s Tower Tech.

Dignitaries visit a stall at last year’s Tower Tech.

Tower Tech reaches for the cutting edge

October 2011

MODERN building materials, tools and technology used in the highly specialised field of tower construction will be showcased at an important exhibition in Qatar next month (November).

Officially sponsored by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the General Federation of GCC Chambers, Tower Tech 2011 will be held at the Doha Exhibition Centre in Doha next month (November 22 to 25).

Now in its fourth year, the exhibition is expected to attract major companies specialised in the construction of high-rises as well as several consultants, designers, architects, experts and companies engaged in the construction of sustainable towers.

“This event will encourage Qatar to launch and utilise the latest advances in the construction of towers, which calls for the use of specialised technologies such as smart building management,” said Abdul Rahman Al Sulaiti, chairman of Economic Group for Exhibitions and Conferences, the organiser of the event.

Nabil Al Sharif, director of projects and marketing, Economic Group, said: “Tower Tech 2011 provides an opportunity for consultants, owners and contractors to keep abreast with the latest technology in the field of tower construction and design.”

The event comes at a time when there is an upsurge in Qatar’s construction sector. “The real estate market has begun to stabilise in terms of supply and demand and now provides a great opportunity for those looking at real estate investment as the cost of construction has reached realistic levels, following the drop in the prices of land and building materials during the global economic downturn. Real estate prices are expected to rise in the future. In addition, while current plans envisage the construction of some 100 towers, land is available for a total of more than 180 towers,” Al Sulaiti added.

About 150 exhibitors, including leaders in tower construction technology and specialist manufacturers of products designed for use in towers, are set to participate in the event that is being held over an area of 7,500 sq m. The show is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors, both local and regional, in addition to visits from representatives and heads of the Arab chambers of trade and foreign organisations with interests in the construction of tall towers.

Al Sulaiti ... expecting huge deals.

“We are happy that the show has attracted a group of specialists in the field of building and designing towers, which is considered to be a field that requires a high level of specialisation to meet the technological demands posed by very tall buildings, both during construction and as well as over the lifespan of these structures to ensure the safety and convenience of residents,” said Al Sulaiti.

He expected a number of large deals to be struck by companies participating in the exhibition, which has achieved a reputation as a networking platform that allows local and international companies to establish close ties with specialists in high-rise buildings, investors and the construction sector worldwide. The exhibition is a significant addition to the list of private construction events, especially since it presents the latest technologies for high-rise towers, which represent the modern face of Qatar, he added.

“The Economic Group has benefited from its experience in organising the exhibition last year, which was a great success, and this year’s exhibition has attracted even more local and international companies, despite the current global economic conditions,” Al Sulaiti said.

“Holding the event at this particular time with the participation of the biggest companies specialised in this field is clear evidence of the strength of the Qatari economy.

“Qatar’s economy is unaffected by the global financial crisis because it has been managed successfully to cope with any effects,” Al Sulaiti said, pointing out that the strength of the Qatari economy was reflected in the performance of its various economic sectors.

He said that the exhibition has added a new dimension to the Economic Group, in addition to its credibility and professionalism in the Qatari market through gathering these specialist companies under one roof in Doha.

The success of the show in its third edition last year, in addition to the good and early preparation for this year’s event, has had a positive effect on the level of participation at Tower Tech 2011, according to Al Sharif.

Tower Tech also aims to showcase the renaissance within the construction industry and the sector’s keenness to acquire specialised skills in the construction of smart tall buildings. This renaissance focuses on urban planning and infrastructure development to serve high-rises, furthering vertical expansion and achieving equilibrium in the residential, office and commercial property market, he said.

The previous edition of Tower Tech, held in September 2010, attracted 140 exhibitors and 4,810 trade visitors from Qatar and the Gulf region. The event witnessed the presence of the Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) for the first time in an exhibition hosted in the Gulf region.

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