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Tecboard ... slashes costs.

Tecboard ... slashes costs.

Hi-tech Tecboard ‘to revolutionise market’

September 2011

TECBOARD is offering an innovative high-tech production board that will revolutionise the concrete block industry, claims the German company, which is relatively a newcomer to the concrete block market.

Going by the same name as the company, the board has been developed by the company’s engineers and experts from high-performance fibre-reinforced plastic using expertise employed in the aerospace industry.

“Tecboard provides the concrete block industry with a patented high-tech product with high cost-effectiveness throughout its entire life cycle. The production of high-quality blocks and slabs could not get more cost-effective, equipment- and environment-friendly and energy-saving,” says Ralf Sinner of Tecboard. “It has already sparked great interest among a number of leading manufacturers of machines and concrete products.”

Although Tecboard measures 1,400 by 1,100 by 50 mm and is light in weight at under 30 kg, it is as rugged as the currently used production boards. In addition, Tecboard has a high bending strength resulting in minimal deflection under load, is extremely temperature-, water-, impact- and abrasion resistant, has an absolutely smooth surface, and ensures an excellent vibration transmission.

Furthermore, thanks to its light weight, Tecboard reduces transportation costs to a minimum, (832 boards can be transported per fully-loaded 40-inch-high cube containers) and lowers the amount of burden on machines and equipment, thus minimising wear. It is also highly durable, resulting in a long lifespan.

Also a variable modulus of elasticity allows Tecboard more flexural rigidity to meet customer requirements.

Due to the specific properties of its material and structure, Tecboard is easy to use in the operation of machines; it can eliminate the need for drawing sheets and leads to a shorter cycle time; enables the achievement of a constant filling level with no cobwebbing or height variation. It also leads to a rapid, reliable and consistent compaction of concrete blocks, leaving no marks on the final product. This apart, it does not require costly maintenance.

The board has no environmental issues either. It is manufactured with material that is 100 per cent recyclable, thus helping to conserve resources. No tropical or plantation wood is used in the production process.

The board is available in many different colours to suit the taste of customers.

“All these properties have impressively been proven in practical test runs in which the board was exposed to different kinds of loading and strain,” says Sinner.

Tecboard was founded in 2008 and is a member of the Equimax group in Siegen, Germany. The company consists of resourceful scientific engineers alongside a group of experts in the domains of production, finance and sales. The company has been meeting the demands of clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland/ Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands and Denmark and is looking to expand its client base around the world.

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