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DuPont highlights solutions

September 2011

DUPONT has been holding a series of seminars and workshops across Saudi Arabia to boost awareness of its construction solutions which are said to enhance building systems performance, reduce operating costs and energy consumption while establishing safe and eco-friendly environments.

Along with E A Juffali & Brothers, a fabricator and distributor of DuPont’s Corian surfacing products in Saudi Arabia, DuPont held workshops for interior design and architectural students from Effat University and Dar Al Hekma College, one of the most well-known interior design and architectural colleges in Saudi Arabia for women, in Jeddah.

E A Juffali & Brothers also organised seminars in Madinah for architects, consultants and contractors, sharing “the miracles of science” behind increasing the performance of building systems to create more sustainable residential and commercial structures in through the use of DuPont products.

Corian is an extremely versatile surfacing solution used in a wide range of architectural and design applications for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Super-hygienic, impact-resistant and also repairable, Corian is available in over 100 colours and can be fabricated, carved, thermoformed, routed and inlayed.

Other DuPont products include SentryGlas, a line of laminated safety glass; Typar geosynthetics which are particularly suited for Saudi Arabia’s sandy environments; Plantex landscape solutions, which help create and maintain a beautiful landscape while efficiently managing irrigation and rain water; Zonyl, which provides oil and water-repellent treatments that resist stains without affecting natural appearance and is used to protect coatings and paints, electronics, leather, textiles and concrete; and Elvaloy copolymers which can be used either alone or compounded with other resins to enhance flexibility, toughness, weatherability and design.

Typical uses of Elvaloy include adhesives, plastics modification, asphalt and roofing membranes. Elvaloy also helps make pavements with less rutting, fatigue, cold cracking and stripping and as a permanent flexibiliser for PVC used to manufacture roofing systems that are tough, pliable and chemically-resistant, according to DuPont.

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