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Suspension cranes ... provide efficient solutions.

Suspension cranes ... provide efficient solutions.

New Demag units offer greater capacity, span

August 2011

DEMAG Cranes has extended its standard range with the introduction of suspension cranes that offer higher load capacities and larger spans with the Demag DR rope hoist or DC chain hoist.

“Suspension cranes provide efficient solutions wherever existing roof structures can be used as a crane runway. There is no need to invest in additional crane runway supports, since Demag suspension cranes can be integrated into existing production facilities, simply and easily,” says a spokesman for Demag.

This design eliminates the need to install crane runway columns. In this way, the entire workshop area is available for production. In addition, any sections of the workshop can be served. This apart, the overhang at the end of the crane girder can be adapted to meet individual needs, enabling the crab travel path to be ideally matched to the width of the bay. This helps to maximise on the space available with the crane, resulting in optimum efficiency for the transport application.

Optional latching devices make it possible to transfer the travelling hoist from the crane girder to a branch track and back again without having to deposit the load.

Suspension cranes have a load capacity of up to eight tonnes for a maximum span of 17 m. With spans of up to 25 m, the maximum load capacity is 6.3 tonnes. The cranes, which are equipped with either the Demag DR rope hoist or DC chain hoist, have compact rolled profile girders for an optimised hook path. A particularly rigid, welded box-section girder with DR rope hoist is also offered for low-vibration transport. 

“Standard crane solutions made by Demag offer outstanding quality, efficiency and reliability at the highest level,” says the spokesman.

“Every crane and every crane component reflects our decades of crane expertise and reliability as a partner for the industry,” he adds.

Standard cranes are largely constructed of standardised component assemblies. They range from single-girder cranes with a one-tonne load capacity to large double-girder cranes with a maximum load capacity of 100 tonnes. Standardised subassemblies enable the user to benefit from series manufacturing methods, which guarantee consistently cost-effective and high-quality results.

Extended standard cranes provide tailored solutions that go far beyond the already wide range of standard designs.

With the Demag DR rope hoist, Demag presents an extended state of the art for standard cranes in applications for loads weighing up to 50 tonnes and have again set the standard for crane engineering.

“The C shape of the Demag DR rope hoist design is ideally suited to crane applications,” the spokesman says. “Thanks to the many benefits offered by the rope hoist, the entire crane operates much more efficiently.”

Demag Cranes is one of the world’s leading providers of industrial cranes, crane components, harbour cranes and port automation technology.

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