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Bukamal solutions make homes secure

August 2011

BAHRAIN-based Hassan Ebrahim Bukamal & Sons, popularly known by its trade name Bukamal, offers smart solutions for the home in partnership with Philips Dynalite of Australia.

The solutions covers lighting control, security, temperature control and blinds, home theatre, multi-room audio systems, pool, spa and reticulation systems, sensors, security systems, and various other control options at affordable prices and tailor-made for each house.

For instance, effective lighting control can create a mood and define a space while its security feature gives the home a lived-in look while its occupants are away, deterring unwanted visitors.

“The lifestyle advantages, environmental benefits and user-friendliness are all key reasons why integrated technology is becoming a principle desire for homes,” says Madhavan V R, product manager for Bukamal – Smart Home Solutions. “Creating these intelligent environments can be a complex process requiring the coordination of many parties, including consultants, designers, suppliers, installers and programmers. With more and more smart technologies emerging in the market place, planning and achieving what’s right for you can be a challenge.”

As a Philips Dynalite dealer, Bukamal can offer customers advice on the best systems available for their individual needs.

Madhavan continues: “Philips Dynalite understands that no matter how much integration takes place, if you’re not comfortable with the technology, or find it difficult to use, then it’s not a smart home. That’s why it creates solutions that complement and enhance your lifestyle – systems the whole family can use.”

Bukamal is the commercial name of the trading distribution and projects arm of the company, which also offers services in two other major business sectors, namely property and investments and facility management.

It serves manufacturers, industries and ministries in the kingdom, meeting their various mechanical, electrical, electromechanical, health, safety and environment (HSE) and low voltage requirements.

Established in 1936, the company has a multimillion-dollar portfolio and more than 125 staff.

It has its head office in Manama, four warehouses in Salmabad and showrooms at Sitra.

Bukamal’s main focus is on B2B retail, wholesale, corporate and government (projects) for building construction and security. To serve the B2B retail sector, the company has two showrooms – one for Door Care, which deals in doors, door hardware and access solutions and the other for Toto, offering sanitary ware and bathrooms solutions.

A third showroom is expected to open shortly, offering HSE and low-voltage solutions for security and communications.
Bukamal’s supplier portfolio includes more than 100 exclusive strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers in Europe, the US, Japan, and in the region.

Partnerships clinched over the past three years include Toto Japan for sanitary ware, Pedrollo/City Water Pumps from Italy, Legrand France for electrical solutions, Honeywell for security/safety solutions, Electra for wires and cables, Prometal for doors, and Ferco for sports and auditorium seating.

While building and construction services have driven its growth over recent years, Bukamal has given significant attention to source other new product lines that can generate further business. Some of the new lines introduced in the recent past include health safety and environment products and low-voltage solutions for the security and communication sector.

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