Tensile Membrane Structures

Leister brings versatility with new hot air welder

July 2011

LEISTER Process Technologies has launched the new compact Costa stationary hot air welder for a range of materials including tensile fabrics used in the construction of tensile structures, tarpaulins and plastic billboards.

Measuring just 430 by 435 by 450 mm, the machine does not require much space. The device uses hot air technology to weld the plastic precisely, without creasing.

As the machine does not need compressed air, it helps reduce power consumption and, therefore, save production costs, says Mark Leo Irac, senior technical sales executive at BMC Gulf Trading, Leister’s exclusive sales and service partner for the GCC region.

Costa’s speed ... continuously variable.

“The Costa stationary hot air welder for overlap seams or hem and pipe welding is an impressive new addition to Leister’s hot air product portfolio. Its versatility will never fail to impress,” he says.

“Its temperature range goes from 100 to 620 deg C. The speed is also continuously variable. Depending on the material’s thickness, the Costa processes plastic billboards and tarpaulins at up to 12 m per minute. Materials of diverse thickness can be joined smoothly with perfect, wrinkle-free welding quality. This is ensured by two automatic contact presses directly in front of the pressure rollers coupled with replaceable silicon rollers, which allow welding even very thin material without any problem,” Irac says.

The welding parameters are intuitively managed by the unrivalled, design-protected e-Drive technology. Its easy-to-view display allows the user to store multiple welding settings.

The Costa processes plastic billboards and tarpaulins at up to 12 m per minute.

The new Costa is available in three different models – one for welding overlap seams with a 30-mm nozzle and two for hem and pipe welding with different nozzle widths of 30 or 40 mm.

The overlap welding type can also be used for hem and pipe welding, after quickly converting it with an additional accessory kit.

Leister has been specialising in the development, production and sale of hot air tools and hot air welders for working on advertising banners and tarpaulins for over 60 years. It has been developing, building and marketing plastic welding equipment and hot air tools in all sizes, from complex industrial systems down to easy-to-handle compact tradesmen’s tools.

Temperature range ... from 100 to 620 deg C.

The company develops and produces all its products in Switzerland, ensuring customers that they can always rely on the proverbial Leister quality, whether for welding roofing membranes or floor coverings, in industrial processes, civil engineering and tunnel construction, or for welding industrial fabrics, he adds.

Leister also provides reliable and fast service, thanks to its international, close-knit network of over 120 sales and service partners – which in the Middle East is handled by BMC Gulf (www.bmc-plasticwelding.com).

BMC Gulf was established in Dubai in 1998 to serve the local markets of the Middle East and GCC with specialised engineering services and turnkey solutions for industrial and private projects.

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