UniMarine worked on a project for JBF

UniMarine worked on a project for JBF

UniMarine eyes oil and gas projects

The company is on the threshold of expansions that will enable it to build on business achieved through successful accomplishments of key fabrication projects

July 2015

UniMarine Technical Services, a steel fabrication and services company, is currently expanding its production facilities with a new production line at Ras Al Khaimah and has plans to set up a new facility in Abu Dhabi.

The company recently added civil works to its scope of activities and is in the process of pre-qualifying as a civil works contractor with the Adnoc Group Of Companies.

Business has been good over the last four years, and the company has managed to generate annual turnover that ranges between $50 and $70 million, said George N Najjar, general manager, UniMarine.

“Last year was a relatively good year, UniMarine went through several pre-qualification processes and has now been registered with new oil and gas companies, thus expanding its client base and moving a step forward toward its goal of becoming a major EPC oil and gas contractor,” he said. 

The company has also successfully completed a major industrial project in Bahrain that was started in 2012.

UniMarine was established in June 1996 in Ras Al Khaimah. It opened an office in Abu Dhabi in October 2011 and a branch in Bahrain in September 2012 and is now backed by a workforce of 750.

The company’s range of services include pipe fabrication and erection; fabrication, renewal and erection of steel structures; fabrication and renewal of marine vessels; thermal insulation; scaffolding; blasting and painting; oil and gas services.

The raw materials are imported and procured from various sources, depending on preferences set by clients.  

UniMarine’s steel fabrication facility has a production capacity that can reach up to 2,000 tonnes per month and the company is focusing on the GCC market in general. “Our plans are aimed at expanding the company’s area of operations into Africa in the future,” said Najjar.

UniMarine has contributed to a Birla Cement project

UniMarine has contributed to a Birla Cement project

“UniMarine has always been keen on developing a strategy that gives its business a clear competitive advantage-focusing on market sectors that have high demands for quality and innovation. 

“Improving business through expanding the area of our operations and increasing our client base is among our highest concerns. We have always succeeded in gaining the trust of our customers and maintaining a reputation of being highly reliable and professional.”



Najjar further said: “Broadening the scope of activities especially through offering more specialised services is also crucial. Targeting the oil and gas services market was our first step in the attempt to enter into a somehow niche sector which, to a certain extent, cuts down the competition since companies must fit certain tough criteria in order to qualify. The more specialised our services become, the more potential we have in the market.

“Having completed the registration and pre-qualification process with the Adnoc Group of Companies, and with all the oil and gas projects in the pipeline, UniMarine has the opportunity to participate in a few oil and gas projects that should take the company a big step forward.”

Entering new markets has always been part of UniMarine’s plan. “Efforts and investments are constantly made in human resources, certifications, and plant and equipment in order for the company to be capable of expanding its area of operations,” said Najjar.

The company is expanding its facilities so it can serve industries better

The company is expanding its facilities so it can serve industries better

As part of UniMarine’s continuing commitment towards improving operations and standards, the company has invested in key initiatives and projects that aim at increasing production and market share and at providing quality services that exceed customer expectations.



The company is currently in the process of installing a new structural steel fabrication line that, in combination with the right investments in human resources, should double production capacity. The line should be operational by August 2015.

The process of acquiring the ASME Certification for Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping Fabrication and Repair is also underway and should be completed by September 2015.

Acquiring new land and establishing a fabrication facility in Abu Dhabi is also a plan soon to materialise.  Several options have been taken into consideration and the decision is yet to be made. The new fabrication facility should be operational by June 2016.



UniMarine has a track record of successful completions of major fabrication works for Middle East and international oil and gas, marine, power and petrochemical companies. In addition to fabrication and installation of steel structures and piping works, the company provides mechanical maintenance for oil and gas plants, oil rigs, chemical plants, power plants and water and marine installations.

The company has worked on projects including fabrication, installation of steel structure and piping for ADCO projects such as the ADCO – Al Dabbiya facilities development project and Bab integrated facilities; the study, design, build and installation of flare stacks at Emirates Steel DRP (direct reduction plant) 1 and DRP 2; fabrication and installation of steel structures and piping works for Takreer;  supply and replacement of cable trays, cable ladders and supports including all required scaffolding works for Adgas.


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