An Al Bassm chemical tank

An Al Bassm chemical tank

Rotomoulding player confident of growth

Al Bassam has prospered from catering to UAE development projects and has strategic plans to introduce new products and expand its presence in the country

July 2015

Al Bassam (RAK) for Plastics Industries, one of the most experienced companies in the roto-moulding plastic industry and a leading company in manufacturing a wide range of polyethylene products, is looking forward to more growth this year as demand for its products continues to remain high.

“Last year was a banner year for us as we managed to increase production and profits, reflecting an 18 per cent increase compared to the previous years. This year, we are looking forward to driving in more growth as demand continues to remain high,” said engineer Mohamad Al Bassam, production manager.

“Our products remain in high demand in the UAE, which can be attributed to the high number of ongoing development projects around the country.”

Al Bassam was established in March 2006 in the Ras Al Khaimah Industrial Area (Rakia), Al Jazira Al Hamra. The company’s annual turnover is $1.8 million and it employs 30 people.

The company develops and manufactures polyethylene water tanks, underground tanks, road barriers, diesel tanks, septic tanks, GRP tanks and other GRP-based products.

“As the company gained a foothold in the market due to an economic boom, we decided to manufacture the plastic tanks ourselves as the quality of the PE water tanks and the delivery time was very inconsistent. We know that with our experience in the tanks industry we could make the difference,” said Al Bassam.

“Today, after entering into a successful joint venture with Union International Holding Group we are expanding rapidly and reaching new heights.

“Our production facility is well equipped with the most advanced technology. We have now evolved in our manufacturing plant which is located in Al Jazeera Industrial Area, and have warehouses, showrooms, branches and dealers all over the emirates.

“Most of the raw materials that are required are imported from Saudi Arabia, particularly supplied to the company by the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic), a diversified manufacturing company that is active in chemicals and intermediates, industrial polymers, fertilisers, and metals.”

Al Bassam products are quality controlled and manufactured with top-quality food grade material to ensure no taste, smell or extra-product life.

“Based on our production performance reports, our manufacturing plant oversees the annual production of more than 10,000 tanks,” he said.

The company says it has been launching from time to time new additions to its growing portfolio. These new offerings include chemical FRP tanks and specially designed and developed tanks to hold toxic materials and strong acids.



Commenting on the company’s plans for this year, Al Bassam said: “We are embarking on a strategic roadmap towards more growth and development that focuses on the launch of newer products and the move to expand our presence across the country.

“We are exploring possibilities of entering newer markets in the GCC region.  The company is currently embarking on an expansion initiative that looks towards introducing new ideas in the rotomoulding segment.”

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