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Metito builds new plant in Saudi Arabia

June 2011

METITO, a leading provider of total intelligent water management solutions in emerging markets, will design, supply, deliver and install a new water treatment plant in Saudi Arabia, adding to its growing portfolio of projects in the kingdom.

The Al Ruqai Border Centre wastewater treatment plant will be located in the north-east of the kingdom on the border with Kuwait.

Valued at SR4.2 million ($1.1 million), the contract will be executed under the main contractor Sanam Contracting Company and upon completion in May 2012 will serve 10,000 people in Al Ruqai and the surrounding area with treated wastewater for irrigation.

As Salah El Ackad, general manager – Dubai, Northern Emirates, Oman, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, explains: “We have a long history in the region lasting over 50 years and this project is part of a long line of ongoing initiatives we are looking at and signing on with the kingdom. Al Ruqai represents a key area, as it is located right on the border with Kuwait and is home to thousands of people. We are dedicated to constantly innovating water treatment technology and we aim to offer safe water for all those areas that need it.”

The plant will utilise the latest in membrane bio-reactor (MBR) technology for the treatment of the domestic wastewater, in order to yield the highest standards of treated sewage effluent (TSE) with minimum use of area.

Metito is a regional leader in using and innovating MBR technology, with over 10 projects executed so far in its portfolio, representing a total installed capacity of 100,000 cu m per day serving almost 500,000 people.

Last month, the company participated in the 2011 WEPower Exhibition held in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, where it met with industry leaders and government officials to unveil new projects and discuss the latest topics pertaining to the water industry, not only in Saudi Arabia, but throughout the region.

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