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The DX235NLC ... ‘best in class’.

The DX235NLC ... ‘best in class’.

Doosan excavator BREAKS NEW ground

June 2011

DOOSAN has launched a narrow-width crawler excavator, which provides operators with extra confidence for working in confined spaces on inner-city projects or housing developments.

The DX235NLC, equipped with a mono boom, is just 2.54 m wide and weighs 22.5 tonnes. It offers a combination of features including a heavy counterweight (4.7-tonne in the mono boom and 5-tonne in the articulated boom version), reinforced 12.5-mm shoe plates and an over-dimensioned front body section. The oversized boom and counterweight in the DX235NLC provide higher lifting performances than other excavators in the 21 to 24-tonne category, says a spokesman for Doosan.

“At 7.3 tonne at 6 m reach and 3 m height, the front lifting capacity of the DX235NLC model is best in class. In addition, its side lifting capacity is 4.55 tonnes at 6 m reach and 3 m height,” he says.

Compared to the narrow version DX225NLC excavator, the DX235NLC has larger boom and bucket cylinders. These provide an arm breakout force of 12.6 tonnes and a bucket breakout force of 15.2 tonnes, respectively. Bucket capacities range from 0.92 to 1.28 cu m.

The Doosan turbo-charged six-cylinder DL06 Common Rail diesel engine provides a reliable and constant power output of 110 kW (155 hp) at 1,900 rpm and a maximum torque of 667 Nm at 1,400 rpm.

The electronic power optimising system (EPOS) enables a continuous exchange of information between the engine and hydraulics through a CAN (controller area network) communication link.

A good balance in power consumption is ensured by three working modes – 85 engine power, 100 per cent and economy, in addition to auto-idling.

The DX235NLC has the latest generation cab design, providing maximum comfort and precision for the operator.

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