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The Anta 5 range ... sturdy.

The Anta 5 range ... sturdy.

Savio window system ready to install

June 2011

SAVIO, a global leader in the production of hardware for aluminium doors and windows, is offering the Anta 5 range for leaf closing systems.

Developed from the same innovative technology that distinguishes the system of mechanisms for the Ribanta 5, the new range for leaf closing systems, guarantees the same characteristics.

“One of the main characteristics of this range is simplicity,” says a spokesman for the Italy-based company. “All assembly phases are simple and user-friendly. For some versions, the system provides the highest tolerance in the various machining phases needed to assemble the handle.”

With the new range of hinges derived from Ribanta 5, adjustments in the three directions are simple and intuitive, he says, adding that the main adjustment can be carried out with the window/door already installed.

The simplicity and user-friendliness of Anta 5 allow new workers to become familiar with the system quickly, the spokesman says. The new range also saves time in installation, since all components are pre-assembled and completely self-positioning. “There is no need to machine the link rod grooves and all accessories are applied on the front. For some versions, there is also no need to calculate, cut and drill the rods to exact sizes,” he points out.

Another important feature of the Anta 5 range is sturdiness. “Thanks to the wide range of hinges that can be used for different applications, up to 170 kg can be supported,” says the spokesman.

Furthermore, the range also includes the ventilation sash version, with controlled-opening leaf. The window can be opened completely by just inserting a key in the handle and turning it by 180 degrees.

“Without the key, turning the handle by 90 degrees limits the window opening, while turning the handle by 125 degree (without the key) opens the window in micro-ventilation mode,” concludes the spokesman.

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