The Moxy ADT ... an all terrain machine.

The Moxy ADT ... an all terrain machine.

Doosan’s Moxy ‘drives where others fail’

June 2011

DOOSAN claims that its Moxy articulated dump-trucks (ADTs) can drive on terrain where other trucks may struggle to follow, while they perform just as well on normal construction sites such as road works and mass excavation hauling.

This range – comprising  the MT26, MT31, MT36 and MT41 – provides a line of advanced, reliable and cost-effective vehicles, offering significant competitive advantages.

The MT26 and MT31 models offer payloads of 24.1 and 28 tonnes and are powered by the Scania DC9 engine, with gross power outputs of 228 kW (310 hp) and 255 kW (347 hp), respectively.

The MT36 and MT41 have payloads of 32.7 and 38 tonnes, with 294 kW (400 hp) and 331 kW (450 hp) of power provided by the Scania DC12 engine, respectively. The Scania engines incorporate an ‘air-to-air’ intercooler and achieve low fuel consumption.

Elaborating on the units, a company spokesman says: “The Moxy ADTs feature wet brakes offering exceptionally long service life and sealed protection from the environment. They have permanent six-wheel drive for equal power distribution while the free-swinging rear tandem bogie and the special articulation system offer excellent driving performance on difficult terrain.”

The articulation hinge is positioned behind the turning ring to ensure equal weight distribution, even during maximum turning, ensuring optimum contact between tyres and road so that all fuel consumption is converted to traction, he says.
The sloping body design further enhances the stability of the trucks, thanks to its low centre of gravity and ensures fast and easy tipping for good productivity in even the most demanding conditions.

The models are available in both automatic and manual gear functions. “Fully automatic transmission and smooth gear-shifting allow the operator to concentrate on working conditions whilst the ergonomically-designed cab ensures maximum comfort while travelling at speeds of up to 50 kmph,” says the spokesman.

The cab can also be tilted to provide easy access to components for routine maintenance and service work. Also unique to the Doosan Moxy range is the independent front suspension (there is no rigid axle), which allows for free movement on one side without the movement on the opposite side, giving, again, maximum ground contact and shock absorption.

“With an exceptionally agile undercarriage, the Doosan Moxy articulated dump trucks are optimised for extreme off-road performance,” concludes the spokesman.

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