Sealpac has collaborated with Flexopack and Silver Plastics GmbH to produce new products

Sealpac has collaborated with Flexopack and Silver Plastics GmbH to produce new products

Sealpac collaborates for innovation

The company’s partnership with Flexopack and Silver Plastics has yielded several benefits leading to a richer food experience for users of the new products

May 2015

Sealpac, leading provider of advanced tray-sealing and thermoforming technology, presented  various ovenable and microwavable  packaging  solutions  developed  in  close  partnership  with  companies like Flexopack and Silver Plastics GmbH and which offer new perspectives to the convenience segment.

Whether containing proteins or entirely vegetarian components, ready meals are sold more and more worldwide. This has to do with the fact that traditional eating habits are changing. Instead of consuming three meals at set times, working professionals are  increasingly  forced  by  their  everyday  fast-paced  and  hectic  schedule  to  take small meals wherever they are – at work, on the move (for example in their car) and in  between.  Numerous  studies  clearly  indicate  that  the  demand  for  convenience meals  is  growing  fast. However, this market is large and highly diverse, with consumers becoming ever more demanding. Freshness and quality are key, so that is where the convenience solutions need to convince. In close cooperation with partners Flexopack SA and Silver Plastics GmbH, two innovative solutions were developed that will debuted at Anuga FoodTec 2015.  

When Sealpac and Flexopack teamed up, an exceptional skin packaging solution was created. By   combining   Flexopack’s   ovenable   skin  film   with   Sealpac’s TraySkin  technology,  light-weight  skin  packs  are  produced  that  can  be  heated directly  in  the  oven. Products such as meat, vegetables, entire ready meals and much more are skin packaged directly inside their aluminium or CPET tray. The tight-fitting  and  securely  sealed  Flexopack film  with  optimal  barrier  properties  keeps  the contents  securely  in  the  package. Retailers will benefit from extended shelf life, achieved by this innovative skin packaging system. Due to the secure fixation, these packs  can  be  presented  vertically  at  retail,  making  them  true  eye  catchers  whilst requiring less shelf space.

To  consumers,  ovenable  skin  packs  stand  out  for  their  convenience  and  hygienic handling,  as  they  prevent  any  contact  with  raw  products  whilst  keeping  the  oven clean. The product is placed straight from the freezer or refrigerator into the oven for optimal convenience. As the skin film stays on the tray, all moisture and juices are retained  during  the  cooking  process,  so  the  food  does  not  dry  out.  The result is a culinary dish with optimal nutrition and taste.


Another   innovative   packaging   solution   stems   from   the   partnership   between Sealpac and Silver Plastics GmbH: airPET Touch, the ovenable and microwavable tray produced from foamed PET. Also here, the product can be placed straight from the freezer  or  refrigerator  into  the  oven  or  microwave,  with  the  tray  being  able  to withstand temperatures between -20 °C and 200 °C. Due to its extraordinary isolation properties, the outside of the tray ‘keeps cool’ and can be taken out of the oven or microwave  with  bare  hands,  even  after  heating  at  high  temperatures. The  top  film retains  all  moisture  and  juices  during  the  cooking  process,  and  prevents  the  food from drying out. After heating, the film is easily peeled away from the tray.

airPET Touch  trays  stand  out  for  their  low  weight  and  reduced  carbon  footprint,  and  can easily  be  recycled.  The system runs on all of Sealpac’s A-series traysealers, optionally under modified atmosphere.

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