Bin Lahej Crushers, Etihad Rail ink deal

April 2015

Bin Lahej Crushers, a specialist in the production and sale of quarry products has signed a partnership agreement with the UAE’s national railway network Etihad Rail to facilitate distribution of its products in a cost-effective and reliable way.

Etihad Rail previously signed agreements with various crushing, quarrying and construction companies that have selected rail as the preferred distribution solution.

The 1,200-km railway project is being delivered in three key stages. The project is progressing well with Stage One, which connects Shah and Habshan to the Ruwais port, recently completed and preparations underway for work to start on the 628-km Stage Two.

Stage Three, which will stretch 279-km in length, will focus on transporting bulk commodities in the Northern Emirates, said the Emirati rail network operator.

Once commercial operations are launched, the railway’s freight services will benefit the UAE’s aggregates sector significantly by providing faster, reliable, more economic and higher capacity logistics services across the emirates and the wider GCC region, it added.

As per the MoU, Bin Lahej Crushers will use the UAE rail network during Stage Three to transport five million tonnes every year from its site in Tawyeen-Fujairah to Etihad Rail distribution and export terminals across the UAE,

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