The company will unveil new products for the global coatings and resins market.

The company will unveil new products for the global coatings and resins market.

Perstorp to launch new solutions

April 2015

They enable the making of coatings that combine high performance with low environmental impact

Leading global specialty chemicals group Perstorp will soon launch new products and enhanced support as part of its ongoing commitment to strengthen its offerings for the global coatings and resins market.

Perstorp’s raw materials enable customers to create coatings systems with high-performance and low-environmental impact for a wide range of decorative and industrial applications used in emerging growth markets such as coatings for electronic parts and materials, printing inks and pre-coating wood.

New products it is launching include:

• A new addition to the Capa portfolio, Perstorp will launch Capa Lactide 8000 series partially renewable polyols for 2 K and 1 K industrial coatings. These new transparent liquid polyols are particularly suitable for production of high-performance soft-touch coatings as well as coatings with enhanced adhesion to various substrates and which require no solvents.

• The latest extension to Perstorp’s Oxymer range of polycarbonate diols for increased weatherability of polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) as well as castable and thermoplastic elastomers. New Oxymer HD types Oxymer HD56 and Oxymer HD112 are based on 1.6-hexane diol. The Oxymer HD range helps formulators to create products that withstand the toughest weather conditions, especially high temperatures and direct sunlight. Oxymer HD also provides high resistance to solvent degradation and yields polymers with high hardness, superior chemical resistance, good flexibility and excellent strength.

• Charmor PM40 Care, which provides the next development step in safe carbon source products for intumescent systems. It has a unique and unmatchable environmental profile, being based on renewable feedstocks. Charmor is the market-leading carbon source for intumescent coatings that preserves the integrity of steel structures when temperatures reach around 500°C in a fire.

The products will be unveiled at the European Coatings Show 2015 this month. As part of the attractions for the event, Perstorp will mark the 40th anniversary of its extensive Capa range for polyurethane coatings by enabling formulators and producers to try out the company’s new online product selector designed to ease finding the right grade for a specific application from a strong portfolio.

Perstorp will showcase its strength in alkyd and polyester resin products with highlights from its Penta, Di-Penta and TMP multi-functional polyols, Bis-MPA for waterborne resins as well as BEPD and Neo diols.

The company recently acquired two businesses and is investing in its existing large plants in Germany and Sweden to support its customers in the resins industry who depend on high-quality Penta raw materials.

Perstorp has also invested in new capacity for its Neopentyl Glycol essential building blocks for powder coatings and stoving enamels, which it said was a demonstration of its long-standing commitment to the Chinese coatings market. Perstorp’s new capacity for Neo is now on-stream at an advanced facility in Zibo, China. Neo mainly goes into polyesters for powder coating resins, can and coil coatings as well as unsaturated polyester resins.

David James, innovation vice president for Perstorp’s coatings and resins, remarked: “Perstorp’s high-value specialty products and critical building blocks are trusted by customers in a wide range of markets, and we have ambitious plans to grow our business even further. We are concentrating on providing customers with improved performance while reducing where possible the environmental footprint of the supply chain, to deliver custom solutions that address both current and emerging industry trends, and facilitate innovation and differentiation.”

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