Boice: building ties with local higher education

Boice: building ties with local higher education

Ellucian’s stellar role in Saudi education

The firm says managed services and cloud-based solutions will allow clients to use Ellucian solutions without having to run those solutions themselves on campus

November 2014

Ellucian, a leader in higher education technology, is working with nearly half of all Saudi higher education students and around a third of institutions in delivering projects with its local partners to address the challenges of student mobility, higher quality learning outcomes and student employability, a senior regional official says.

“Ellucian has deployed core administrative systems and analytics, student engagement and retention, business intelligence, portal, mobile and document management solutions in a large number of universities in the kingdom,” said Mathew Boice, the company’s vice president for the Middle East and Africa.

“For higher education institutions, they support the need for collaboration and communication amongst students, faculty and staff. Looking forwards in the kingdom, we expect that managed services and cloud-based solutions will play an increasingly important role for institutions and allow clients to use Ellucian solutions without necessarily running those solutions themselves on campus.”

Ellucian’s clients in the kingdom include King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Princess Bint Abdul Rahman University, Saudi Electronic University and King Abdulaziz University among other institutions.

Keeping in mind the general trend in Saudi Arabia to simplify process wherever possible and to enable smarter, online and mobile services, the company launched its Ellucian Mobile solution and its recently announced Institutional Performance Management solution. A client hosted the first kingdom-wide Ellucian User-Group meeting where there was a strong representation of Saudi attendees at the company’s event in September.

About Ellucian’s performance over the past three years, Boice stated: “Ellucian has seen substantial growth with both existing and new clients. Our existing clients are incorporating   global best standard practices in how they work locally in the Saudi market. Additionally, we have continued to expand our offerings in the kingdom. 

“These have been two main growth drivers for Ellucian in the kingdom. Deepening our work with existing clients and, secondly, our client success allows us to approach potential new clients and show them how Ellucian is supporting education institutes in the region.”

Ellucian operates in the kingdom with the support of partners.

“From our client feedback it has become clear that the higher education sector in Saudi Arabia is keen to build a closer relationship with Ellucian. As we look forwards we will work with clients and partners to determine what additional needs can be met by Ellucian and whether this requires additional presence through a local office,” remarked Boice. 

“We see Ellucian successfully completing our journey of bringing together and consolidating the rest of the market in the upcoming years. This consolidation will ultimately see Ellucian supporting the processing of information for all students in the kingdom and would allow us to bring more value to the institutions and the authorities in terms of comparative data insights, consistent high quality services for students, continuous innovation and rapid adoption of new trends in technology.”

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