The summer internship group at Qapco

The summer internship group at Qapco

Qapco internship programme launched

August 2014

QATAR Petrochemical Company (Qapco) launched its much-anticipated 2014 summer internship programme and welcomed its 70 enthusiastic summer interns.

On the occasion of the kick-start of the programme, Dr Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla, the company’s vice chairman and CEO, stated, “The Qapco internship programme is a pathway to a successful career in the industry and I believe that all aspiring engineers should, at some stage of their education, experience the thrill of working in an industrial plant and witness for themselves the processes, applications and technology that they study in academia.”

The 70 highly motivated students from local and international universities joined the petrochemical company for an eight-week intensive training programme during which they will gain unparalleled exposure and significant industry knowledge. “Qapco strongly believes in nurturing today the talent of the future and places particular emphasis on the continuous coaching of its summer interns, as they will evolve alongside Qapco’s senior employees and professional education experts for several weeks,” its said. 

“Qapco’s summer internship programme is highly popular amongst both male and female students and the company received a large number of applications from candidates in Qatar and abroad.”

The programme began on June 24 with a three-day induction course designed to introduce the students to Qapco and included health and safety training, orientation of the plant and the issuing of personal protective equipment. It also included a workshop on time management to assist the students with their upcoming working schedule for the next two months.

The programme is unique in Qatar as it also provides an array of innovative workshops delivered each Thursday to all students. The topics of these workshops include leadership skills, team building, and motivation as well as a workshop outlining the fundamentals of research and development that are essential to shape Qapco’s sustainable future.

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