The 21LC550 flat-top crane displayed at the event

The 21LC550 flat-top crane displayed at the event

Linden Comansa model at Moscow show

August 2014

LINDEN Comansa’s 21LC550 flat-top crane, having a maximum load capacity of 24 tonnes, was the largest tower crane exposed at the CTT Moscow trade fair for construction equipment in June, despite the fact there were more cranes than in previous editions.

“We wanted the Russian market and its influence to know better Linden Comansa’s LC2100 series. In these markets there is much construction with prefabricated structures and Linden Comansa has a range that is perfect for this way of building”, said Alexandr Trubizin, managing partner at Bashkransnab, Linden Comansa’s dealer in Russia.

“The LC2100 series, to which the 21LC550 crane belongs, is made up of five different models with maximum loads ranging from 18 to 48 tonnes, making them ideal for public works and infrastructure projects,” says Martín Echevarría, sales director at Linden Comansa.

Rather than assembled at the jib, the hook and trolley set of the 21LC550 was exposed at the ground level in its transport and installation basket, so visitors could learn more about its design and Linden Comansa’s automatic reeving change system. Other technical features of the 21LC550 24t also include its high speed hoist mechanism (up to 180 m per second with the standard engine), frequency control on the slewing, hoist and trolley movements, and the PowerLift system, which improves around 10 per cent the load diagram with reduced speeds.

For Bashkransnab and Linden Comansa, the CTT show ended with the signing of some crane orders and purchasing commitments from some of Russia’s major rental companies for the upcoming months.

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