Anite releases Nemo Outdoor test tool

May 2014

ANITE, a global leader in wireless network testing technology, has announced the latest release of Nemo Outdoor, a laptop-based drive test tool for wireless networks which supports all major wireless technologies and over 270 mobile devices and scanning receivers from various vendors.

Nemo Outdoor 7.3.0 introduces improved Quality of End User Experience (QoE) measurements by enabling complete forcing functions with HiSilicon based devices, support for simultaneous PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) and POLQA (Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis) measurements, and improved measurement capacity in Nemo Outdoor and Nemo Invex with the new-generation Nemo media router.

“With this new version of Nemo Outdoor operators will be able to truly improve their Quality of Experience measurements.” says Jussi Lemiläinen, vice president, product management and business development at Anite’s Network Testing business, “They will be able to better focus their testing, optimisation and development in favor of end users. This will enable improved quality of service experience and ultimately less subscriber churn” Jussi concludes.

The HiSilicon chipset locking functions bring a number of anticipated forcing features to Nemo Outdoor, enabling more accurate analysis and troubleshooting. Key features include:

• LTE sector lock (handover and cell selection forcing). LTE or Long Term Evolution is a 4G wireless communications standard developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) that’s designed to provide up to 10x the speeds of 3G networks for mobile devices

• GSM carrier lock (ARFCN – Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number)

• Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) carrier lock (UARFCN – Ultra Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number)

• WCDMA sector lock (UARFCN + scrambling code)

Today, mainly two standards are used for analysing voice quality in mobile networks – PESQ and POLQA. It is understoond that POLQA will become more commonly adopted by operators as new codecs and IP based Voice over LTE (VoLTE) are introduced. In the interim phase, simultaneous PESQ and POLQA measurements are necessary, which is now available in Nemo Outdoor 7.3.0.

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