Zayed Port in Abu Dhabi

Zayed Port in Abu Dhabi

Repairs for Abu Dhabi city ports

While Port Khalifa is the big buzz in Abu Dhabi, other ports in the emirate also command attention

April 2014

Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) has commissioned ASD to carry out essential maintenance work at Zayed Port and its neighbouring free ports. The work, for which ADPC is investing Dh20 million ($5.4 million), includes repairs to quayside walls and enhancements to the ports’ facilities and services.

The city centre Zayed Port covers 535 hectares and contains 21 berths and has been the main gateway for trade in the emirate, said a statement.

It remains the gateway for general cargo vessels and RoRo (roll-on/roll-off) and is emerging as a destination for international luxury cruise ship tourism, while the nearby free port and the new free port are used by smaller vessels, tugs, barges and service crafts that serve offshore oil fields.

The free port covers an area of 305 hectares and has 49 berths, while the new free port was built in 2005 and covers an area of 293 hectares with 32 berths.

Waleed Al Tamimi, vice president, asset management at ports, said: “It’s a good time to do maintenance, because all of the container cargo is being handled at Khalifa Port.

“However, the cruise and RoRo business and the amount of bulk and general cargo handled at Zayed Port is increasing steadily, and we are keen to complete the work in the months ahead to ensure that the quaysides are in top condition for many, many years.”

ASD will undertake the work over the next six months. Maintenance will be carried out in sections to minimise disruption and to further guarantee smooth and safe operations at the ports.

Maintenance of the quay walls will keep ships secure and undamaged.

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