The DigiRob Laser DGRL at work

The DigiRob Laser DGRL at work

Digi Matrix launches new DigiRob series

The new product, available in several models, has been well received thanks to its many positive features

April 2014

Digi Matrix Technologies, a Dubai-based supplier of technologies and machinery in the Middle East, Africa and the CIS regions, has launched the 7 Axis CNC robotic machine in the Middle East.

“For the last few years we were developing new products based on robotic technologies and working with leading players in the field of software, freeware and hardware. The new DigiRob series, introduced in cooperation with German firm Kuka, offers a complete range of solutions for a wide range of applications including engraving, metal cutting, welding and painting,” said Bilal Al Hattab, managing director, Digi Matrix Technologies.

“DigiRob offers many benefits to end users such as accuracy, speed, efficiency, and minimum manpower requirements along with safety,” he said.

DigiRob is available in a number of models and options to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries. These include:

• The DigiRob Engraver DGRG series for 2D/3D/4D engravings on wood, metal, foam, PU foam, marble, stones and even chocolate and ice.  It can be used for moulding, modelling, sculpturing, interiors and exterior decorations and furniture

• The DigiRob Laser DGRL series for metal cutting and welding. It uses an advanced fibre laser-head or plasma-head to cut almost all kinds of metals and steel for fabrication, and also offers advanced solutions to weld all kinds of metals with high efficiency, speed and safety;

Al Hattab and a demonstration of the new product

Al Hattab and a demonstration of the new product

• DigiRob Plasma DGRP for mechanised cutting applications;

• The DigiRob Waterjet DGRW range for automation solutions;

• The DigiRob Painter DGRT series for a wide range of painting jobs including ones on cars, wood, metals, fibreglass, furniture and decorative items. There are also grinding and polishing options for automated production lines. 

Established in 2005, Digi Matrix Technologies started operations as one of the technologies and machinery suppliers in the Middle East, Africa and the CIS regions.

Over the years the company has developed many different machines and technologies to give the latest and best solutions to the industries it is involved with. Today Digi Matrix Technologies offers 400 machines and has over 180 customers based in more than 36 countries.



The new range has received very good response and the company has already supplied it to many industries and plants in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar including JRC companies, event management companies, steel manufacturers, art centres, jewellery manufacturers, chocolate factories and stone factories.

“Many companies have started or are about to start using our machines and have been able to boost their production capacities with high quality and accuracy, minimum manpower requirements and heavy duty machines as well as to run them 24/7 without break,” Al Hattab said.

“Last year we had introduced environment-friendly technologies for printing that helped us enter new markets. In general the year was good and we achieved more than 74 per cent growth in the customer base. We hired more people for customer support, R&D, marketing and sales.”

This year the company plans to setup a strong base in heavy industry. It is also participating in events such as the Dubai WoodShow, Automekanica, the Big 5 and Auto Russia to promote its products and technologies.

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