Masharie expands DI success

April 2014

DUBAI Investments PJSC (DI), a leading investment company listed on the Dubai Financial Market, has achieved unprecedented success through its private equity subsidiary Masharie LLC, declaring profits of Dh107.68 million ($29.29 million) through divestments in nine subsidiaries over the years.

Masharie, which has acquired a total of 23 companies since its incorporation in 1998, now owns 12 companies within its portfolio, representing a wide array of sectors including aluminium extrusion, architectural aluminium designs, rubber, interior fit-outs, drivers’ training centres, switchgear and laboratory furniture, among other categories.

It enjoys a major share in the regional private equity sector, and is currently pursuing aggressively growth and investments opportunities with demography-linked sectors topping the priority lists amidst optimistic business sentiment across other industries.



Masharie’s divestments over the last nine years include Metrofile Middle East, Emirates Explosives, Gulf Printing & Publishing, Thermoset Technologies, Stromek Emirates Foundations, Al Arif Contracting Co & Power Factor Facilities Management LLC, Anchor Allied Factory Limited and Inter Chemi International Limited. Return on investments was between 100 per cent and 600 per cent.

Following successful private equity investments, the company believes that the GCC region offers a strong growth opportunity as robust macro-fundamentals continue to drive economic recovery, fuelled by Dubai’s successful bid to host Expo 2020 and a resurgent stock market across the region.

Khalid Al Jarwan, general manager of Masharie LLC, said: “Over the last 16 years, Masharie has achieved phenomenal success with its private equity investments. The profits and growth at DI have been driven by our pioneering vision for Masharie and by strategic and calculated acquisitions and exits from various businesses at the appropriate time, and we achieved profits of over Dh108 million through divestments.”

He added: “We remain optimistic towards continued long-term growth prospects of Masharie, as the private equity market regains confidence with discussions and interest in new deals on the rise. The investment activity will continue to increase this year and a more sophisticated approach will improve individual asset returns and safeguard future funding.

“We are negotiating some direct investments opportunities in growing sectors which will further accelerate our profitability. Among these, we are constantly assessing new investment prospects in the financial industry, such as equities and also targeting investments in bonds.”

Masharie, which has forged successful equity partnerships with a number of business enterprises over the years, continues to offer strong growth potential in the evolving business landscape of the Middle East.

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