A swaging machine, which presses wire ropes, at the company’s plant

A swaging machine, which presses wire ropes, at the company’s plant

Slingtek advances to African markets

Armed with quality credentials, the company has succeeded in winning the confidence of top-drawer players in pivotal industries including oil and gas, steel and port operations

March 2014

Lifting and rigging products specialist Slingtek, which until recently exported only to the GCC states, has for the first time established a foothold in African markets.

Slingtek has its production facilities in Bahrain and reports that exports constitute 20 per cent of sales and have been growing each year due to exposure to international markets and exhibitions.

The company produces high-quality flat polyester webbing slings, chain slings, wire rope slings, ratchet tie downs and other lifting accessories. Slingtek is the first manufacturing company of its kind in Bahrain.

“Within months of beginning our operations we achieved an ISO 9001 certification. We follow strict international standards of manufacturing conforming to BS EN 1492-1, BS EN 13414-4 and BS EN 818-4,” said Hemant Bhatia, the company’s managing director.

Slingtek’s main Gulf customers are oil and gas firms. The company’s products are approved in major oil companies including Saudi Aramco, Bapco and Kuwait Oil Company. Customers include the shipyard Asry, steel manufacturer SULB, port operator APM Terminals and the industrial house Nass Group as well as Bapco, Saudi Aramco and Kuwait Oil Company. Outside the Gulf, Slingtek products are picked up by industrial trading houses. 

“Our strategy is to have more exposure to newer markets by means of direct sales or exhibitions and understand customers’ requirements by providing better logistics services and building confidence in matters of quality,” says Bhatia.

“We are currently working at full capacity but in in the near future we plan to double production capacity by investing in manpower and machinery.

“We will be introducing new products in fall protection systems shortly.”

Bhatia: strategising to sell in international markets

Bhatia: strategising to sell in international markets

The company’s polyester webbing slings are marketed as the best alternative to chain slings and wire rope slings. They are lighter in weight and do not harm the job while also being highly flexible and good for lifting fragile loads. Flat webbing slings are manufactured from high-tenacity polyester webbing conforming to BS 3481-2 and/or EN 1492-1 and ranging from one-ply to four-ply for lifting loads up to 48 tonnes.  

Slingtek’s Grade 8 alloy chain slings are recommended as the best choice when working under rugged and hot weather conditions such as construction sites. They have proved to be durable, long lasting and easy to inspect. The main advantage with chain slings is that they can be easily repaired if any damaged component or link is found during inspection, a company text says. Slingtek manufactures chain slings conforming to BS EN 818-4.

The company’s wire rope slings conform to BS EN 13414-1 for various sizes. All lifting slings are supplied with various end terminations such as clevis sling hooks, eye sling hooks, grab hooks, self-locking hooks and shackles.

Slingtek’s ratchet tie downs (cargo lashing belts) are made with high quality polyester yarn. These are of light weight and very easy to use for securing both light and heavy loads. Slingtek says it can manufacture any length to customer requirements and in various capacities conforming to EN 12195-2.



A wire rope sling manufactured by Slingtek in Bahrain

A wire rope sling manufactured by Slingtek in Bahrain

The company stresses that the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), UK, require all lifting equipment to be “thoroughly examined and inspected by a competent person.” Fully damaged or badly maintained equipment significantly increases the risk of potentially lethal accidents and often has serious financial and legal consequences. Regular test, examination and maintenance is critical to ensure that equipment remains fit for purpose.

“Slingtek carries out professional inspection and examination services for general lifting accessories and lifting machines. Our services include testing, examination and visual inspection and certification of new or in-service equipment. We undertake inspection services for the following gear: General Lifting Accessories – webbing slings flat and round, chains and chain slings, wire ropes and wire rope slings and shackles of all kinds; Manual Lifting Machines – hand chain blocks, lever hoists and beam trolleys,” says the company text.

Slingtek highlights the advantages of its services as

• Quality Management System in compliance with BS EN ISO 9001

• Full member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), UK

• Inspections and tests performed by skilled engineers

• Engineers are trained to perform inspections as per LEEA standards

• All inspections logged and recorded for future reference

• Fully certified and computerised horizontal testing facility up to 100 tonnes.

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