Rexroth solutions for gas and steam turbines increase operative availability

Rexroth solutions for gas and steam turbines increase operative availability

Energy cylinders get expert touch

Bosch Rexroth’s trained personnel working on repair jobs on energy cylinders for turbines are helping cut downtime, maximise plant availability and improve productivity

February 2014

Bosch Rexroth has highlighted the on-time repair services it rolls out on energy cylinders in the region.

“When a power plant forces a shutdown, service engineers should have a tight rein on every part of the process.  Thus, Bosch Rexroth supports the routine inspection and maintenance on energy cylinders for gas and steam turbines in order to reduce downtime and maintain maximum plant availability,” said Ralf Bentfeldt, manager of modernisation and coordination for building sites from Bosch Rexroth Germany.

 The company offers an entire range of hydraulic functions for gas and steam turbines with a power range spanning 25 to 1,600 MW. This is also where its energy cylinders for controlling the inflow of media to gas and steam turbines are used. The energy cylinders have a closing velocity of 1.3 m/s and a locking force of up to 350 kN.

The most important customer requirements for gas and steam turbines encompass the safety, availability and useful life of the plants. Rexroth’s service portfolio for energy cylinders allows safe and continuous operation of generators with almost no interruptions. Required inspections and maintenance can be carried out during scheduled downtime of the power plant to optimise availability, Bentfeldt said.

Energy cylinders for gas and steam turbines are backed up by trained service personnel and specially equipped service centres.

German Gulf Enterprises, Bosch Rexroth’s partner in the UAE, has been appointed as a certified partner to carry out repair services and competent inspection for energy cylinders up to customer’s expectations and standards.

“We are proud of our capability to successfully carry out repair and service jobs for Rexroth energy cylinders at major power plants in the region. This will lead to optimised process sequences and improved productivity,” said Sushil Kumar, divisional manager for the Construction Equipment, Hydraulic Sales and Industrial Equipment divisions at German Gulf Enterprises.

In order to increase availability and reduce downtime, German Gulf can replace the damaged parts at their certified workshop and coordinate the services with on-site service engineers from Germany.  This can be arranged by a preventive maintenance programme in which required spare parts and cylinders can be arranged under an agreement between German Gulf Enterprises Ltd, Bosch Rexroth and the clientele.

Rexroth solutions for turbine plants are numerous and diverse. “Our customers can choose from a comprehensive portfolio of electromechanical and hydraulic solutions whereas system solutions for controlling and regulating gas and steam turbines are in the focus. Safety and monitoring strategies for systems by Rexroth can be seamlessly integrated into the overall concept of gas and steam turbine plants and help to increase operative availability,“ Bentfeldt said.

“Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses a wide variety of different products including continous directional valves, actuator control systems, self testing safety systems, hydraulic actuators, electromechanical actuators, hydraulic turning gears consisting of a hydraulic motor and a control block as well as oil supplies for hydraulic energy and cooling/lubrication circuits.”

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