The Masoneilan 41000 series valves were assembled and tested at Darvico

The Masoneilan 41000 series valves were assembled and tested at Darvico

Darvico assembles valves for Aramco

GE’s Masoneilan 41000 series control valves assembled, tested and delivered to the Shaybah Gas Plant demonstrate a high level of manufacturing and assembling capability

February 2014

Highlighting the commitment of GE Oil & Gas (NYSE: GE) to promote localisation initiatives, GE’s Masoneilan 41000 series control valves were assembled and performance-tested at the Darvico plant in Jubail Industrial City for deployment at the Shaybah Gas Plant of Saudi Aramco.

Darvico, Saudi Arabia’s leading manufacturer of valves and process instruments, is a joint venture of a GE subsidiary company and Al Rushaid Petroleum Investment Co Ltd.

Darvico assembled seven 30-inch Masoneilan 41000 series valves, which were manufactured in the GE-Masoneilan plant in France for supplying to Saudi Aramco. Integration with the actuator, performance testing and painting of the valves were undertaken locally by the company, before being customer tested and transported to the Shaybah plant. This is the first time that a 30-inch large-sized valve is executed by the Darvico plant, underlining its capacity and capability to execute large-scale projects.

Rami Qasem, president and CEO, GE Oil & Gas, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, said: “The execution of the large-sized Masoneilan valves in Saudi Arabia is a demonstration of our commitment to promote localisation and manufacturing of energy sector products and (offer) solutions in the kingdom.

“Over the past years, GE Oil & Gas has significantly enhanced its footprint in the region, with a particular emphasis on providing solutions locally for greater responsive time and enhanced customer service. We are thankful to Saudi Aramco, a long-term partner of GE, for their support in this venture that underlines the kingdom’s competencies in undertaking industry-leading valve applications.”



The supply of large-size Masoneilan valves is an example of GE’s diverse role in Saudi Arabia

D R Pai, general manager of Darvico, said: “The support of GE and Saudi Aramco were key drivers in the successful execution of the Masoneilan 41000 series valves in our facility in Jubail. A customised and specially engineered product, the 41000 series requires special manufacturing, testing and handling. Through our investments in advanced technologies, we have been able to undertake all assembling operations through our team of qualified Saudi engineers and professionals locally.”

The 41,000 series flanged globe valve has large flow capacity, is mounted with piston cylinder actuator, weighs 14 tonnes and has a height of six meters. The valves supplied to Saudi Aramco conform to ISA standards for noise attenuation. Used in gas or liquid applications, demand for the 41000 series large sized valves is limited and only companies such as Darvico that have the expertise in technology and manufacturing capability secure such orders.

The valves are being deployed for natural gas application at the Shaybah Gas Plant, which was established to meet the increasing demand for energy in the kingdom.



As part of GE’s $1 billion investment commitment in Saudi Arabia, the company had recently signed a land lease agreement with Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon) to set up an advanced GE Oil & Gas manufacturing facility in Dammam’s Second Industrial City. It is intended to provide consolidated offices, as well as manufacturing capabilities, packaging and assembly for GE Oil & Gas businesses including measurement and control and subsea systems as well as artificial lift and pressure control equipment for its drilling and surface business.

With over 80 years of presence in the kingdom, today more than 500 GE turbines currently generate over 50 per cent of Saudi’s electricity, and the company’s advanced technology supports the production of 150 million litres of clean water daily, delivered to the country’s remotest corners.

GE Oil & Gas is a world leader in advanced technologies and services with 43,000 employees in more than 100 countries supporting customers across the industry-from extraction to transportation to end use.

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